2018 Photography Projects

Every year I say the same thing, I will start a photography project the following year, and it never happens. This is partially due to the fact I do not have the motivation to do so, although I still enjoy the social element of photography.

The last couple of years I have focused on live music photography but unless you are shooting for a media outlet it is now near impossible to be accepted for accreditation/passes. This is probably one of the factors as to why I have lost a little interest in going out and taking photographs.

I was recently discussing with a friend that I need to start going out and enjoying photography again. I have always been interested in cityscape/landscape/long exposure photography but I never seem to be able to get the results I want… but like with everything else, the more you do it, the better you become, I just need to get that motivation back again.

Looking towards 2018, I have decided to start three small photography projects but aiming to make sure I don’t set myself strict limits to what photograph.

2018 Project Ideas

01. Automatic:

All photographs must be taken using the camera’s full automatic mode. This is more an experiment to see if modern camera’s can do most of the settings for you. This project allows for any subject to be shot so I am not limiting myself to one particular genre of photography.

02. Light:

As with my Automatic project, I am not limiting myself to shooting one particular genre of photography with this, this project will be more about finding a good source of light or using light to create interesting effects/shapes within the photograph.

03. Smartphone:

I am using this project as a sideline to my main two projects, this will explore if a smartphone can really replace a camera, how a smartphone can be used along side social media etc.

Hopefully, if I can get some motivation back, I am hoping that combining all three projects I can create an overall theme to keep updating content on this website and create new photography & social media workflows.