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New blog, 2019 reboot

Every year for the last couple of years it has been my intention to restart my blog for the year and every year without fail, it never gets past this blog post of my intentions. Hopefully, 2019 will be different?

I have been joking on social media since before October that my intentions for 2019 were mainly to be a social hermit and hide away from the public. This has some truth in it, but not in the way many people have taken it out of context.

2018 and a previous couple of years beforehand have been great with helping me to beat my social anxiety, I have met loads of nice people and made some wonderful friends. I have pushed myself to do things that I wouldn’t have got the energy to do and I have travelled to various parts of the UK.

So what for 2019?

My plan for 2019 was not to make any plans. I was going to go with the flow and start doing things for myself. Although I still enjoy photography, I have lacked the motivation to go out and actually take photos and instead just enjoyed the social gatherings. You could say my project for 2019 is just to go out with the camera and take some photographs.

Recently, a situation at work has gifted me an opportunity to switch positions from the one I have been doing for the last 8 years to a new position based in the city. This got me thinking, this is a change and a much-needed one. For the last 8 years I have been doing the same thing day in, and day out. I have got comfy stuck in a rut.

People would probably think I am mad giving up an easy position to start a new one with a lot more responsibilities and a lot more work and travel… but for me, this is a leap of faith, it is pushing myself to get further out of my comfort zone. I am also hoping this will give me the confidence and motivation to start what I would like to do in 2019.

The above also started to make me think about my biggest annoyances and time wasters. My biggest waste of time and annoyance was Facebook. I already knew I spent an unhealthy amount of time on Facebook, but that realisation is made more real with Apple’s introduction of Screen Time. Over a monthly period, 90% of my screen time on my Apple devices were social media, namely Facebook. All that Facebook didn’t actually contain anything productive.

I decided to pick up my iPhone and looked at all the apps I used on it. The vast majority were never used. Of the apps that were used, they were mostly communication apps. As much I think modern technology and the internet has made it easier to communicate with people, at the same time it has driven me personally mad.

Most of my friends use one of a handful of messaging apps, some use Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Skype for business, some use dodgy messengers like Kik… but what drives me mad is that I need to have various messaging platforms just to communicate with a small number of people!

My no plan for 2019 plan…

  1. Delete most of my social media accounts and keep Instagram, Twitter & Youtube.
  2. Delete all messaging apps from my iPhone, use text messaging or email, users can still message me on Instagram & Twitter.
  3. Prioritise what I want to do before activities for others.
  4. Pick up the camera & go out and use it.
  5. Work on new projects.
  6. Learn something.
  7. Go for a long overdue drive to Crewe for Noodles.
  8. Learn to have fun again.